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Adventures in Spain!

Adventures in Spain!

Happy Camper in Arcos de la Frontera

If you follow me on any of my social media, you already know that I spent the last 2 weeks in Spain with my husband, his family and some friends of our family. Our good friend was getting married in Spain, where all of her family lives, and we decided this was a good excuse for a vacation! 8 of our family members packed up and headed out for some serious adventures abroad. We made some great new friends, ate a lot of delicious food, saw amazing architecture, danced, ate more food, attended a wedding, held an owl (obviously a highlight of the trip for me), visited House Martell, and so much more. I'm so grateful for our time in Spain with our lovely Spanish familia. 

During our trip we went to about 7'ish different towns, but I'm only going to show you my 3 favorite cities. 

Jerez de la Frontera

This town is one of the first places we visited in Spain. It's the home of sherry wine and my, my, it is delicious. Walking the streets you'll find a mix of old and new buildings, curving cobblestone roads and wineries galore. First we visited the Cathedral, which was amazing. Then we had an amazing lunch with lots of tapas (yum), sherry wine and a surprise dessert from our waiter. After that we went on the most ridiculous ride around the city, on a train "borrowed" from the local zoo. It was hysterical! My favorite part was when our friend translated from the driver saying that we had just passed his brother on a moped. I nearly died of laughter. 

Arcos de la Frontera

Oh Arcos, you stole my heart, you beautiful city. This city is almost completely white, and has so many unique aspects to it. One of the things that I really loved was that there were a ton of artists here actually making a living off of what they love to do. We saw tiny paintings on rocks and huge nativities. I just love that people can embrace their passion and actually make a living. Oh, and I also LOVED holding that owl. I'm the happiest girl ever in that photo.


Sevilla was my favorite city that we visited, so much so, that we went back a second day to see more that we missed on the first day. I love the feeling of this city, it's a happening place. There's a ton to see, we really just scratched the surface. The cathedral is amazing Gothic architecture and huge, big enough that there are 7 churches within this one cathedral. Just across from the cathedral is the new home of House Martell from Game of Thrones, El Real Alcázar de Sevilla. Touring the Alcázar is at the top of my list of favorite experiences in Spain and you'll see why in these pictures. 

And the Alcázar--

Just incredible!

Last, but certainly not least, we had the pleasure of attending a Spanish wedding. The whole reason for the trip! The wedding was in a castle! How amazing is that?!

Ok, I think this post is long enough! If you made it to the end, you are amazing! The trip was an incredible experience. I wish I could share all my photos with all of you and tell you all the stories. 

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