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A Lushy Holiday Haul

A Lushy Holiday Haul

December is my absolute favorite time of year to visit Lush, and they have outdone themselves with the holiday products. They have SO many adorable things from bath bombs, to shower gels, to bubble bars, you seriously cannot wrong with any of them. They also have a ton of amazing gift sets, so if you are on the hunt, definitely take a look. Any ladies you are buying for will definitely appreciate having some Lush products in their life. 

After sniffing and testing all the new stuff, here's what I decided to pick up:

Shower Gels:

No twilight shower gel this year :( BUT, Hot Toddy is great option that is new this year. I was nervous about this one because it has a lot of cinnamon in it. However, combined with ginger and aloe (along clove leaf oil, lime oil, and other oils) the scent is actually not too strong. The scent lingers on the skin, but it's soft and not overpowering. 

Next, I picked up Rose Jam. Normally, I am not a fan of rose scents at all. However, this shower gel also contains Vanilla, Goji Berry, and Lemon Oil, which mixes really nicely with the rose. I actually love how this smells!

On to Bath Bombs:

First up, before getting to the store, I knew I wanted Butterbear in my life. How freakin' cute is this little guy? Then, there's the scent, which is mostly cocoa. I can't wait to use this, but he's so cute I'm waiting to use it until I feel like I really need a treat. 

The scent So White returned again this year as a bath bomb and shower gel. It's a crisp apple scent with a little bit of orange. I did not enjoy the scent as a shower gel, but as a bath bomb I thought it was really nice. 

Since the Twilight shower gel was not brought back this year, I decided to get the bath bomb version. This is available all year round and is a favorite of mine. 

Lastly, Dashing Santa I had to get because who doesn't need a Santa-shaped bath bomb in their life? This was is also really uniquely scented. It's a mix of Satsuma, mandarin, bergamot and orange absolute. 

Butterbear and Christmas Hedgehog

Oh yes, there's more: The Christmas Hedgehog and Penguin. Both are Bubble Bars, which is a Lush product I've never tried before.

The Christmas Penguin is citrus scented with orange flower and bergamot, whereas The Christmas Hedgehog is more on the floral side, with lavender and calming scents. I'm really excited to try these out!

All of this came out to around $70, which... for a Lush trip is actually really good. Are you planning to pick up any Lushy Holiday goods this year, either for yourself or for gifts?

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