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Internet Finds of the Week #12

Internet Finds of the Week #12

Hi guys! Time for another Internet Finds of the Week. There has been a lot of great things floating around the internet, so I figured I would put one of these together for you. Let me know if you've seen anything awesome online recently! :D

1. You guys, Jurassic World. I'm more excited for this than Star Wars. The trailer is epic, see it here.

2. Need some ideas for modern Christmas decorations? Check out this article on design-milk.com, one of my favorite websites ever. 

3. House of Cards is going to be back soon!! Yay!! Check out the teaser trailer here. The show will be available on Netflix on February 27th. So excited!

4. Never Alone is a new video game about Native Alaskan Fables, which... what? Sounds so cool. It follows a little girl and her fox best friend as she sets out on an adventure. It's a puzzle-based platformer with plenty of Alaskan lore and help from spirit friends.

5. Netflix has been killing it with their all their awesome exclusive shows. They are about to have another- they recently picked up Tina Fey's new show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This was supposed to be airing on NBC, but they dropped it (derp). Luckily, Netflix picked it up. Read about it here

6. Any artists around here? Architecture majors maybe? I would have loved to have this trace paper roll holder when I was in school, and honestly... I'm still considering picking one up. 

7. I love smart furniture, and this company has put together some genius ideas for desks and tables that make them just a little bit more awesome than your average furniture.

8. This girl is my hero... She's a video game reviewer on youtube and as such she gets all kinds of trolls saying dumb shit to her. She decided to take some time to find some of these people on Facebook and tell their mothers about the things they said. So hilarious. Check out the article here

9. Steam has added this feature where you can stream your gaming all within their app. Some say that this is going to be THE rival for Twitch TV. We shall see... Check it out here


That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with an awesome drink recipe! P.S.: Did I tell you I'm blogging every day in December? Get excited!

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