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My Gift Buying Strategy Guide

My Gift Buying Strategy Guide

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I feel like I've seen enough gift guides in the past few weeks to last me a lifetime, but to be honest, not a single one has helped me with my gift purchasing. Here's the thing, I'm the one in my family that's interested in beauty items, so it really doesn't help me to watch beauty related gift guides. All that does is make me want to buy things for myself. So instead of making a gift guide like that, I decided to put together a little strategy guide on how to approach gift giving in general. Let's break it down into categories:

For the nerdy bunch in your life: This is probably the easiest category for me because I definitely fall into this category. Chances are, this person has raved about a tv show, video game, or comic book to you at some point in your relationship. Try to remember what that thing is... either that, or check their Facebook or Twitter to see what they like or have posted about. Then find something related! It's easy! Or, you can also fall back on the gift card option. This is great for people who love to game, but you're not sure what kind of games they are into or what systems they own.. 

Recommended Websites: Thinkgeek, Midtown Comics, Gamestop/Best Buy

For the techie in your life: It's really hard to buy techie people things and have them be impressed. Usually, they (we) have specific needs or wants, and maybe it's best to ask them if you are going that route. A gift card is also a good way to go on this. Newegg is one of my favorite places to buy all things tech, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for. If you are brave, then check out Mashable or TechCrunch for product reviews. 

Recommended Sites: Newegg, Amazon, Mashable (for new product reviews/ideas)

For the music lover in your life: Concert tickets are seriously one of the best gifts that you can give someone, especially if this is someone you are close with and can go experience the show with them. If that's not an option, then find some cool merchandise from that band. Sometimes record labels will package shirts/records/memorabilia all together, which makes a really lovely gift. For example, my blog is named from a song by Frank Turner, one of my faves. Currently, his record label is offering this awesome set ---> which has a print, shirt, cd, and book. 

Recommended Sites: Urban Outfitters (if you're desperate. Shop local record stores, please), For any tickets and merchandise you'd have to check the individual artist's website. 

For the book reader in your life: Stalk their Goodreads page, or find out what some of their favorite books are and buy them a unique printing of that book. Barnes and Noble has an entire section of collectible editions of classic books. Some of them are really cool, and would definitely make a great gift. Audible is another great idea for people who like reading but don't feel like they have time. They have some options for gifting here

Recommended Websites: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Book Depository and Audible

For the Coffee or Tea lover in your life: This is so easy! First off, Starbucks gift card. You cannot go wrong here. Second, personalized mug of some sort. Anthropologie has really cute monogrammed mugs (they have gold limited edition ones right now!) - get one with their letter, add a gift card, and maybe a small bag of coffee. You'd be all set. Super easy and thoughtful!

For the person for whom you have no idea what to buy: Every holiday brings the potential for some serious awkwardness. Sometimes you have no idea that your random coworker or acquaintance is going to bring you a gift (to which you respond, "Oh shoot! I forgot your's at home today, I'll bring it tomorrow"). These things happen and it's ok! Here are some inexpensive, but great gifts: 

I'd suggest getting one Body Shop(or other bath store) set, and a few of the other small items and putting a little custom set together. It takes a little bit more thought and time, but in the end, I think it's worth it to give someone a set of things that you can personally vouch for. 


Rarely does one person fit into just one category, but to make a well-rounded thoughtful gift, I would try to pick out one type from each category. Basically, use what you know about them to come up with something they will really enjoy. This is so much better than going to them and asking what they want for the holidays! In general, it's always my goal to feed into their hobbies and passions as much as I can.

Let me know if you have any specific questions or want any tech'ish ideas (I wasn't terribly specific because it's so personal). 

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