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Internet Finds of the Week #2

Internet Finds of the Week #2

Hello all and welcome to week 2 of my internet finds of the week.

1. (top left) This article from Gizmodo is centered around how to Train your brain to retain more information quickly. I thought there were some pretty cool ideas here considering I've been doing some studying recently for my CCNA.

2. Ok this just made me giggle. I'm sure you all have seen the viral video floating around about getting stranger to kiss. Here is the response from Gizmodo where they tried to get dogs to kiss for the first time.

3. WIRELESS ELECTRICITY! What is this scorcery?! Seriously though, this is amazing.

4. In sudden announcement, US to give up control of DNS root zone. Don't understand what that means? Read this article. Or maybe just skip this one.

5. Check out this castle made out of sugar cubes! 5000 people contributed to this awesomeness.

6. Latest version of Valve's Steam controller

7. Finally a fitness tracker that actually motivates you to move! Garmin introduces a wristband similar to other fitness trackers, but this one blinks when you've been inactive for too long. 

8. HBO starts selling mystery box Game of Thrones characters, I may need to obsessively buy these until I get them all....

9. Last but not lost, just a random cute picture... Enjoy!

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks random internet finds!

<3 Lindsay

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