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Internet Finds of the Week #3

Internet Finds of the Week #3

Hello all and I hope you had a good week! Welcome to the third installment of Internet Finds of the Week. Please do let me know what you think of these or if you have found anything interesting this week.

1. (top left) Apparently the Turkey government has been banned Twitter. Citizens have found (easy) ways around this and are using graffiti to help others around this. Check out this article

2. The most addictive game ever. I wouldn't even click that link if I were you.

3. This compilation of good guy teachers just made me happy. Glad to know teachers like this exist out there.

4. This lego form of Salvador Dali's Elephant is AMAZING. I feel like I should own this.

5. Someone has decided to make Avenger's Octopus plushies and it is probably the best thing ever. Etsy store here.

6.  Are Frozen, Tangled, And The Little Mermaid All In The Same World? WHOA.

7. I need these. All of them. Lego Doctor Who!

8. For all my Chicago friends out there, here is an awesome list of the best donut shops, by neighborhood. Enjoy.

9. I thought this was really interesting. This video shows what happens with your blood after you donate it. 

That's all for this week! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

<3 Lindsay

Revlon Parfumerie Goodness

Revlon Parfumerie Goodness

Spring Nails FTW

Spring Nails FTW