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Internet Finds of the Week #4

Internet Finds of the Week #4

Happy Saturday everyone!

1. The best use for old CD's. So pretty!

2. A middle schooler has made a massive discovery that the government could save $400 million dollars by simple changing the font they use in their documents. See how in the article here.

3. iPhone rumors everywhere! It would be more exciting if I didn't JUST buy a new phone but.. regardless kinda cool to see what is coming up.

4. 2014 U.S. Wood Design award winners. Drool. So beautiful.

5. Tucker and Dale are getting a sequel! If you have not seen the movie Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (IMDb info), it is a MUST. So funny. I am so stoked there is going to be a second one.

6. This is so fun! This father took videos of his son and made them epic adventures

7. Amazing buildings turned into libraries. I want to go to there.

8. Some pretty awesome Breaking Bad art here- depicts the rise and fall of Walter White.

9. Microsoft has FINALLY release Office for IOS devices. Check it out here!

That concludes this week's Internet Finds of the Week. Let me know if you found anything interesting this week! Have a great weekend guys!

<3 Lindsay

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