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The Worst Dry Shampoo Ever.

The Worst Dry Shampoo Ever.

My poor towel :(

Ok. That might be a little dramatic. Let me paint a picture for you. I work very early in the morning, 6:00am. This makes for very little time to get my butt out of bed, shower, eat something, get ready and get out the door. Sometimes, I appreciate a little help from some nice products like Batiste dry shampoo to expedite the process. There's also this other part where I'm trying not to wash my hair everyday. I blow dry and straighten my hair every time I wash my hair, so I'm trying to cut back.

Anyway... on with the story, one evening I could not get to bed at my usual 10pm. I tossed and turned and just could NOT sleep. The next morning I literally felt like I was dying, but you know... I was EXCITED because I had just bought this new type of Batiste dry shampoo specifically for redheads. In my sleepy state I spray this stuff on my part/roots and a few sections of my hair to try to make myself presentable for work. It was then that I discovered that I was not spraying dry shampoo on my hair, I was spraying red powdery spray paint on my head. I tried not to panic as I rubbed in the product, as I would with normal dry spray. As I took my hand out of my hair I saw the mess that I was creating. My hands were completely red. and so was my scalp, and hair and face. Soon I realized I could not possibly go to work like this so I frantically started cleaning it off of my skin and tried to minimize my now red scalp. 

Long story short, this stuff is the worst. My towels suffered big time. My bathroom still has red dust all over the place. I just wanted to put out this PSA, do NOT buy this crap. I love the heck out of the normal Batiste Dry Shampoos, but I would definitely skip this one or the "brunette" version.

Such high expectation for you!

See that? That was all over my head. 

Ok I won't rant anymore. I don't like to be so negative, but it was just such a bad experience. I don't want anyone else to go through it. I hope this helps you avoid this product. That said, DO check out the regular formula of this stuff.  This is one of my favorite dry shampoo brands. It works amazingly well, just the colored variations are no bueno!

That's all for today, Enjoy the rest of the weekend! It is BEAUTIFUL out!

<3 Lindsay

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