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We might as well have a parade

We might as well have a parade

One of my favorite songs has a line that says,


If we're stuck on this ship and it's sinking, then we might as well have a parade


This song is Love Ire and Song by Frank Turner. If you have a moment, take a listen. I love the sentiment of this. Essentially, if we are all stuck here together and even if the situation sucks, let's make the best of it! 

Without becoming too cheesy about it, this is how I try to live my life. I'm here and so let's do what we can to make it fun!


In this place I intend to be honest always and maybe even be helpful to some people out there. This may be a hodgepodge of subject matter for this blog, which I KNOW... it's against the rules of blogging, but it is who I am. I'm not interested in one thing, I'm interested in many things and honestly I don't care enough to have 10 different blogs on 10 different subjects. I will (maybe) keep this focused on beauty/health products. However, I might also post about anything ranging from sewing to video games to movies/tv to art/architecture to my handsome cat, Charlie.

Please stick around if you are interested! I will try to be worthy of your attention, although you may find me rambling about stupid crap.


<3 Lindsay



Some things I'm uber excited about today!

Some things I'm uber excited about today!