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Some things I'm uber excited about today!

Some things I'm uber excited about today!

Doesn't that sound like a fun title??


So I wasn't quite sure how to proceed with this blog. It's kinda sorta somewhat set up now which is a good start. However, maybe I should actually say some things now.  I settled on talking about a few things that are just kind of exciting today. Might be a little bit of a random assortment, but hey what can I say, it's just that kind of day.


To start off I'm really excited about my new phone! I found out through my awesome friend (Marianna over at impressionblend.com) that Apple now offers a program where you can trade in your phone for store credit, in the form of a gift card. I went in and ended up getting 250 smacks for my iPhone 5. I upgraded to a 32gb 5C in pink. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking to upgrade!

oribe foundation mist.jpg

My package containing this came in today. It's a foundation mist for your hair. It promises

"A weightless way to prime hair for styling, as well as revitalize your look. This nutrient-rich conditioning spray builds in shine and detangles, all while providing anti-static thermal protection and improving the health of the hair."

We'll see about that, eh?


Titanfall! It's almost here! March 11th we will finally have a game that might be worthy of wasting some hours into. Like we need an excuse for that? but hey, that's besides the point. If you haven't seen anything about this game, check out the trailer here.

world war z.jpg

If you have seen the movie, please quickly forget everything about it. This book is nothing like the movie and that is a very good thing. I'm about halfway through this book and I highly recommend it.  Very quick and interesting read so far. Check it out!



Spring candles! These are now out at Bath and Body Works. The ones above are the spring scents that I picked out and they are really lifting my mood! Never underestimate the power that a nice scent can have on your mood. When I purchased these, Bath and Body Works was having their 2 for $22 sale on 3 wick candles. I'm not sure if this sale is still going on, but I hope for your sake that it is!


That's pretty much all that I have for today. 5 exciting things on a Thursday! That's about as much excitement as I can muster up for the middle of the week! 

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!


<3 Lindsay

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