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Third Street Promenade and LUSH visit

Third Street Promenade and LUSH visit

It's a Thursday night and my husband and I were jonesin' to get out of the apartment. He suggested we go walk around at Third Street Promenade, which was totally weird and unexpected. Usually I'm bugging him to go with me. Of course I was not going to pass up this opportunity, as I needed to 1. stop by LUSH and pick up some things I ran out of and 2. get some sunshine and fresh air.

First we stopped by Anthropologie and let me tell you, I love this store, but I honestly almost never buy anything. I absolutely love to window shop there and only occasionally fall in love with something enough to fork over the arm and leg they charge for their products. I could not pass up the store this time. I mean, look at the window display! (sorry for bad iPhone pic)

SO pretty Anthropologie!

After Anthropologie and a quick stop at Starbucks for a midafternoon coffee, we went into LUSH. Man, this had to be the most popular store on the whole promenade. That tiny store was packed to the brim. I actually said to Jordan I was ok with going in the store, because I knew the overzealous employees would be more likely to be distracted and not talk my ear off (you may have read about my anxiety that I have with LUSH in my last post here). However, I will say I had the perfect amount of interaction with one of the girls that works there when I was ready for some advice on the fresh masks. 

The Goods

This LUSH trip is a mix of old favorites and new things I wanted to try. The two items that are repurchases are the Twilight bath bomb and Ocean Salt face and body scrub. These are two of my most loved items from LUSH. The first repurchase, the Ocean Salt scrub, I've ranted about before here. I will spare you on this post. The second one, Twilight bath bomb, literally smells like heaven on Earth. It's such a difficult scent to describe, the main ingredient is Lavender but it also has an ingredient called tonka absolute. I've never heard of this before, but apparently it is what gives the bomb it's amazing vanilla aroma (more on this here). Paired with the lavender, this is just one amazing scent. While in the bath bomb section, I decided to pick up the Avobath bath bomb (kind of a redundant name). I decided to grab this because I loved the scent, which is a really nice and citrusy. It's definitely made to be used in a morning bath, with the citrusy scent of lemongrass and moisturizing effect of avocado and olive oil. It sounds like the perfect thing for a Saturday morning.

The consistency of Ayesh is a bit thinner than normal masks

Recently when I go to LUSH I've been trying out more of the fresh products. For some reason I've shied away from the fresh products because I feel pressured or something with the expiration dates. I have no idea why, it's just a weird mentality I had. ANYWAY, I haven't tried a lot of these masks so I wanted some help and the sales lady came over at the perfect time. She asked if I wanted something that was more soothing, deep cleaning or refreshing and I responded that I was looking for refreshing. She suggested Ayesha, which later I actually read the label and it is apparently is meant for "mature" skin. UM, excuse me? However, it smells good and it is supposed to be refreshing and tighten the skin. We shall see. 

Lemony Flutter is extremely thick, consistency of a balm

Lemony Flutter is extremely thick, consistency of a balm

The other new thing that I decided to try out is the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter. This stuff is awesome. I tried it in the store and decided I had to have it. It extremely moisturizing and as the lady stated when I was checking out, "The Mango butter does not mess around". Other notable ingredients include fresh lemon, shea oil, beeswax and coconut oil. How could this not be the greatest thing ever? This stuff will be amazing for any dry patches that you may have. 

That is all for my LUSH haul. I will let you know how they work out! 

Let me know what your favorite LUSH products are and if you have tried any of these. I'd love to hear about it!

Products are available in LUSH stores or online

Twilight bath bomb

Avobath bath bomb

Ocean Salt face and body scrub

Ayesha fresh face mask

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter

I was really glad to get out of the house on such a beautiful day, what a treat to get out for a midweek break. Hope you all are having a good week!

<3 Lindsay

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