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My favorite little black bag yet

My favorite little black bag yet

Little Black Bag is a site that offers a pretty unique way to shop online. The premise is, you pick out one item that you'd like to purchase and "Open your bag". Once you've done this and paid for that item, it reveals several bonus items included in your bag. All of these items can then be traded for whatever things other people have in their bags.

This month might be my most favorite bag that I've received thus far. I picked out these uber cute Carlos Santana flip flops. They are brown leather flip flops and on the band there is a glittery section with crisscross stitching. That is a horrible description, how about a photo? 

Close up!

I think they are completely adorable. What do you guys think? I've been skipping the past few months on little black bag but these sandals drew me in completely. When I opened my bag I saw that I had two bracelets and a pair of earrings. I'm not going to lie, I do sometimes question the choices of jewelry they have on little black bag. I immediately looked to see what I could trade for and I found another pretty bracelet that I thought would go nicely with the other two in my bag. I was SO glad I was able to secure that trade. Now I have a nice trio of pretty spring bracelets to go along with my sandals.


The only problem with the bracelets is this chaos on the back of my wrist 

Charlie took up residency in the leftover box. LBB = win for the whole family

I loved this box that I received. It has been awhile since I've actually found things that I like on little black bag. I think the best part about it is that you can skip months where you just aren't feelin' the merch that they are offering. 

If you like what you see, take a look at their website* and try it out. 

Hope you all have a great Friday evening and we'll see you tomorrow for my Internet Finds of the Week!

<3 Lindsay



*this is my referral link from Little Black Bag

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