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Internet Finds of the Week #5

Internet Finds of the Week #5

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend! Happy Saturday to you all. I hope you are enjoying beautiful sunny weather and drinking mid day coffees at your leisure. I happen to be at work but my weekend starts soon!

Here are my favorite internet finds of the week:

1. Once again Google is stirring up trouble. This time wireless providers are all quivering with fear at the rumor that Google will be starting its own wireless service. Read about it here

2. Apparently watching teenage girls who are pregnant on TV has made the idea of having kids at 16 unappealing for some. There is some evidence that shows such as 16 and Pregnant are effective at preventing teen pregnancy. See the full article here.

3 This is hysterical. NPR pulled a April Fools Day prank on their readers. They put an article out entitled 'Why Doesn't America Read Anymore?' In the article they specifically asked those who read the body of the article not to post any comments, thus leaving those that will comment about how terrible it is that people don't read anymore. Check it out here

4. The cast of the broadway show The Lion King did an impomptu number on a plane. Best thing to happen while waiting to take off! Enjoy!

5. Gizmodo is offering an AMAZING deal on coding software. They are doing name your own price to get 8 apps that will help you learn to code. Check it out. Last I saw you only had to pay 14.10 to beat the average price and get all the apps.

6. Can't remember who's died in the last 3 season of Game of Thrones? Watch this synopsis here

7. SKY TV in New Zealand has erected a statue of King Joffrey all for the purpose of tearing it down. Your tweets are what will spur them to destroy the statue. See the article here and get to tweeting!

8. Can I live here? Please?

9. Last night I found the cutest Etsy shop! Check out the shop mossandmirror here

That's all for this week. Let me know what you liked or thought was interesting. Have a great rest of your weekend.

<3 Lindsay

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