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My first real MAC trip- Brushes, blush, and lipstick, oh my!

So maybe you remember my trip to Chicago and my shopping trip with my bff Marianna (as though I don't link her enough... she's over on Impression Blend). Well, we decided to put on our brave faces and go into MAC. Now, you might also remember the anxiety I get over salespeople and too many options, one of my qualms with LUSH. However, armed with my bestie, I decided we could do this. I have to say something about MAC; while I like choices, there are just too many of them there. Marianna tried on about 84 lipsticks and I stuck with some recommendations from fellow bloggers and youtubers. I had a list and tried to stick to it.

The list had these items on it:

  • Brushes
  • Eyeshadow in the shade Nylon
  • Various lipstick shades to try out
  • Gingerly Blush

The goods.

Here's what I got! I'd say I did a pretty good job of sticking to my goals.

  • Brushes- 217, 219 and 168, check.
  • Blush, though not gingerly, check.
  • Nylon frost eyeshadow, check.
  • Plumful lipstick, check!

First up, brushes. MAC 217 has been on everyone's favorite brush list since the beginning of time and now I have one of my very own! Huzzah! This brush is really nice, it's great for everyday usage. However, I have to say that my Too Faced crease/blender brushes is very similar in terms of utility. The 217 has a stiffer and denser bristle set, where as the Too Faced brush has longer, more flowy bristles. I tend to reach for 217 for more pointed eyeshadow application and for the Too Faced crease/blender for all-over sweeping and blending. I would not say you NEED both, as they are very similar, I'm just saying this MAC brush is not the end all, be all, must-have of shadow brushes.

Phew, long winded, but I felt that needed to be addressed. Next, 219 is MAC's pencil brush. With short pointed bristles, it's perfect for smudging eyeliner, applying eyeshadow in the other V of your eyes and any other detail work. I love it for when I'm feeling lazy with eyeliner, or when I'm going all out on my eyes. It's a great addition to your brush collection if you don't have something similar.  Lastly, the 168 is a large angled contour brush. I bought this mostly because I didn't own yet. Usually this doubles as a contour and blush brush for me. I don't like switching brushes every two seconds when I'm doing my makeup and I love that it's versatile enough to do both. 

Fleur Power!


I went into MAC looking for blush in the shade gingerly. I heard that it was a must-have for redheads, but when I found the shade finally, I was a little disappointed with it. I think it was too similar to the tone of my hair and freckles, which did not work well on my cheeks. The MAC lady/expert person suggested I try Fleur Power and it was love at first cheek swipe (wait, that sounds wrong). 

Out of the many lipsticks I tried on at MAC, the one I fell in love with was in the shade "Plumful". It's a pinky, mauvey plum that's slightly sheer. It has plenty of color, but your natural lip color influences the final shade after application. As a redhead it can be difficult to find shades that work with my skin tone, freckles and hair color. Plumful works on all fronts. I imagine it would work with almost any complexion out there. Definitely give it a try next time you are at a MAC counter!

Left to right: Fleur Power Satin Blush, Nylon Frost eyeshadow and Plumful Lustre lipstick

And that concludes my first successful trip to MAC. Please do tell me about your favorites! I love going into stores with a list so I don't just end up wandering around aimlessly. 

Here are links to all the products mentioned above (contains affiliate links):

MAC 168 Large Angled Contour brush

MAC 217 Blending Brush

MAC 219 Pencil Brush

MAC blush in Fleur Power

MAC lipstick in Lustre Plumful

MAC eyeshadow in Frost Nylon

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a good week everyone!

<3 Lindsay

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