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Quickie Nail Post! Julep's Saaya

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Mostly because I'm feeling a little under the weather :/ but also because hey, it's a nail post. We all know how this goes! This month for my Julep maven box I selected the "Bombshell" style profile. It included this color that I have on my nails and another really pretty pink/orange coral. Saaya, which is what is shown below is like the perfect dreamsicle color with some added shimmer. The yellowy shimmer does not quite show up on the nails, as it does in the bottle, so I do find this to be less striking on the nails than I hoped for when I received it. 

Julep's Saaya

As you can see, in the bottle there is definitely a yellow shimmery undertone that you really cannot see well on my nails. Nevertheless I am enjoying this color. It is a summery shade that is not too in your face. It reminds me of eating dreamsicles in the summer.

The accompanying shade in my maven box is called Laree and that one I put on my toes. I won't show that here, as some people can be quite weird about such things. Either way, I'm feeling quite summery with the orange and coral combination.

That is all for this nails of the week post! Told you this would be a quick one.

For those interested in these:

Julep's Saaya

Julep's Laree

As always if you want to try out Julep's Maven box, you can get the first month free anytime you sign up. For quick access you can click the ads to the right of this post, or just go sign up on their site. Hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday!

<3 Lindsay

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Nails of the Week- Julep's Meryl and some nail art

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