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Internet Finds of the Week #8

Internet Finds of the Week #8

Ok so it's been awhile since I've done a finds of the week and I'm sorry for that. But, it's time again to show you the cool stuff on the internets of recent. I don't know if I will continue to carry on with doing this weekly, mostly because I felt a little forced with scouring the internet to find cool things for you guys. I was just grasping for anything that I found remotely entertaining instead of really giving you the best content. For that reason, I will probably keep to doing this every other week or so.

So yea, without further ado:

1. I'm so torn about this! Kevin Spacey is featured in the new (gag) Call of Duty game. He basically plays his character from House of Cards in this. I completely want to play this now only for that reason. Check out the trailer here.

2. Need some help getting laid in Westeros? Try these sweet pick up lines

3. Arthur Darvill sing's his own rendition of "Let it Go". As much as I'm fricken sick of Frozen crap, this make me laugh. Check it out here.

4. Sony has developed a cassette tape that stores 185 Terabytes of data. That is incredible. I used to work in a datacenter with tape storage and I believe the newest tapes we had stored 1.6tb. With everyone's lives on the internet, the amount of data storage needed is just incredible, so this a huge step forward. Check it out here.

5. This new phone made by the company OnePlus looks awesome! It might be what takes me away from my iphone. 

6. Sweet little kitten with a neurological disorder makes friends with this dog. This simultaneously broke my heart and made me so happy. So incredibly sweet. 

7. I picked up this uber cute dress from Anthropologie for a wedding I'm going to this weekend. Though not strictly an internet find, it was MY find of the week. Check it out here

8. My favorite series they do on Abduzeedo.com is the "Perfect Office" series, where they show you all kinds of great office designs/accessories. Check out their most recent one here

9. Netflix confirmed that one of my favorite shows, Orange is the New Black will be returning for a third season. Huzzah! If you have no watched the series, check it out, it's a Netflix exclusive and I love it! See the article here!


That's all for this week! Let me know what you think about these and if you saw anything cool this week or last week. I guess it's Monday, sooo yea last week!

<3 Lindsay

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