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My Baublebar Haul + Review

My Baublebar Haul + Review

You may have seen a few days ago that I posted this photo on Instagram:


It was like Christmas! I received both my Julep and Baublebar order on the same day. That was seriously so exciting. I figured now I should take the time to give you some of my thoughts on the Baublebar items I purchased. I'm not a huge fan of ordering jewelry online, but the one thing I really like about Baublebar is that they actually show you the item on a person for scale. Without this, I probably would have completely steered clear of them to begin with. I can't stand spending upwards of $30-40 and then being surprised when it shows up in my mailbox. This is particularly important when it comes to some of these bigger statement necklaces; some of them look pretty normal size and then on the model they are HUGE. 

I picked out some pretty low key items. I like the idea of statement necklaces, but I really wanted pieces that were versatile and could be worn with a lot of different colors. I picked out a simple white necklace that literally goes with everything, a cool-toned purple piece that is more of a showcase, a dainty owl necklace and a double stranded bar pendant necklace. Obviously I really needed/wanted necklaces! All 4 have a completely different style and are appropriate for many of the situations where I need a little something to jazz up my outfit.

Cameo Cabochon Collar in White

First up is my favorite of the bunch, the Cameo Cabochon Collar (what is this name) in white. I have no idea what the name means, but I adore this necklace. It's the perfect size to go with almost any shirt style. It's hangs pretty high on my neckline, which leaves plenty of clearance between it and my shirt collar. I love the classic white and gray mixed with the gold chain. The gold adds just a bit of warmth to this piece and is the perfect accent to the white/gray. My favorite part about this one and the next "statement" necklace is that they hang beautifully. I don't have to tug or fix anything with it, they just sit on my neck nicely. They have enough weight that they stay centered on your neckline. 

Close up of the chain

The gold chain on this necklace is very substantial to carry the weight of the pendants. It is the perfect size, not too dainty and not too hefty. 

Crystal Zodiac Necklace in Lilac

This next piece is called the Crystal Zodiac Necklace and it's in the color Lilac. The photos are very true to color. The outer gems are a glowy lilac color and the inner gems are more of a true lavendar/lilac purple. This necklace is beautiful in the sunlight and is perfect for spring. Similarly to the white necklace above, it sits perfectly, the weight keeps it in place and works with most shirt styles. I love the cool, soft colors and this looks beautiful with any neutral outfits. 

The chain on this necklace is a lot more beastly. It is a pretty substantial, antiqued bronze chain with a hefty clasp to bear the weight of the heavier pendants. This necklace is not huge by any means, but it is a lot thicker and heavier than the previous necklace. The antique bronzey finish compliments the pendants well and helps them stand out against your skin. It acts as the perfect frame. 

Owl Pendant Necklace in Gold

The neck piece I got because it was on sale, I'm a sucker for sales and owls. It is a really dainty owl pendant with a delicate gold chain necklace. It's nothing super fancy, but for days that I'm just feeling something simple, I will definitely reach for this necklace. It's a really nice, warm gold tone that I think compliments my skin tone well. Unfortunately, this is now sold out, but definitely check out their delicate necklace section if you are looking for this style. 

Double Baguette Bar Pendant in Gold

This last piece is definitely the most disappointing. This is the piece that actually drew me to Baublebar's site that day to purchase things. It was another sale for $10, but I totally see why it was on sale. The quality of the chains and pendants are great, it is super cute, but see how uneven and crooked the two strands are? Yea. About that. It was made that way and unless I want to get my D.I.Y. on and take out some of those tiny links in the necklace, one of the strands will always be uneven on my neck. Not very cool. It should be a very classy piece, but the effect is ruined when you can't get the bars to be straight.

So, there it is, the good and the bad. Let me know if you have checked out Baublebar; if so what have you tried?

Links below (affiliate links):

Cameo Cabochon Collar in White

Crystal Zodiac Necklace in Lilac

Owl Pendant Necklace in Gold (no longer offered, but check out their other delicate selections)

Baguette Bar Pendant (they only offer the single strand now)

And if you want to join in the fun, you can use my referral link or feel free to just go to their site and check out. 

<3 Lindsay

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