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Lip Product Haul - Revlon and NYX!

Lip Product Haul - Revlon and NYX!

Pile of lippes

Lately it seems as though everyone and their mother has been talking about these particular lip products. NYX and Revlon have just been killing it with the affordable and high quality lippies. I finally broke down and did some drugstore shopping. I picked up a few (or 6) new products that I can tell are going to be well loved. Even though I wasn't able to swatch any of these products before buying them, I am surprised to say that I am enjoying every one of them.

Apparently lip products go 2 by 2

Fizzies on the left, Pops on the right


I already own several NYX lip products, mostly their butter glosses and one other butter lipstick. I was really excited to try out more butter lipsticks, as I really like the one bright red that I own but I wanted more day to day colors to try out. The butter lipsticks apply like a dream. They are creamy in consistency, quite pigmented, but not fussy (at least in the toned down shades I got). The two shades I picked up are Fizzies and Pops. Pops is a really nice nude and Fizzies is a more summery pink/coral. I won't try to describe the colors and let the swatches do the explaining.

Milan on the Left, Antwerp on the Right


Next up are the NYX soft matte lip cremes. I was really excited to try these because I love them butter glosses so much. So far, these are really living up to all the hype for me. They are easy to apply, though you probably want a mirror to do so, but they have the most amazing velvety finish to them. The colors are completely opaque and very pigmented. The two colors that I bought are Antwerp and Milan. They are actually very similar. Antwerp is a pretty saturated bright coral and Milan is also coral, but more on the pink side. What I love most about these is the lack of stickiness on my lips. My hair doesn't get stuck to my lips when it's blowing in the wind. 

Cannes Crush on the Left, London Posh on the Right


Last, but definitely not least, I picked up two of the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains. Of the 6 lippies that I got these are my favorite of the bunch. The formula is really unique. They apply like a glossy, but they are not as thick as one. They are not sticky either. I guess Moisture Stain is actually an accurate way to describe these. The two shades I picked up are Cannes Crush and London Posh. I'd say these are the more "tame" shades, but Cannes Crush has been blowing me away. I am in LOVE with the way this looks on my lips. It's just the perfect throw-on product for me that gives me more oomph than reaching a nude lip product. I've yet to fall in love with London Posh, it's sort of an odd (not necessarily bad) shade. It's more sheer and shimmery than the other colors. I think it would be nice to throw over other lipsticks.

Overall I'm completely happy with this little lip product haul that I had going on over the weekend. Time will tell which of the bunch I will be reaching for the most often, but for now Cannes Crush is by far my favorite. The others have a 5-way tie ;)

Left to right: Moisture Stains- Cannes Crush & London Posh; Butter Lipsticks- Fizzies & Pops; Soft Matte Lip Creams- Milan and Antwerp

Selfie featuring Cannes Crush!

Let me know if you have tried any of these and which colors you might be enjoying. I'm definitely looking to expand my collection of both the Revlon Moisture Stains and the NYX soft matte lip creams. 

If you are interested in any of these products, I would be patient and shop around. I bought my Revlon moisture stains at Walgreens because they had buy one get one half off, plus a $1 off coupon for each. You can find really good deals on NYX as well if you wait for Ulta to have their buy one get one half off. 

Happy deal hunting and please let me know which shades you have tried out or are planning to buy! I would love to hear about it.

<3 Lindsay

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