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Internet Finds of the Week #10

Internet Finds of the Week #10

It's been quite awhile since my last internet finds of the week, actually the last one was over memorial day weekend (see it here). I guess I like to do these over holidays! Fast forward to Labor Day weekend and I've got some entertaining things to keep you busy over this long weekend. 

1. Ebay revealed a list of the most purchased items in each state. The results are really interesting and make a lot of sense. Story originally published on Business Insider here.

2. The rumor mill is all over the new iWatch that Apple is allegedly releasing next year. It looks really interesting! See the article .

3. My very first internet service was MSN and they have announced that they are officially shutting down their messenger service after 15 years. I can't believe it's been that long! This article shows the evolution of the messenger program over the years.

4. I love this gif that was on the google's front page to celebrate John Venn, the creator of the Venn Diagram. Check out the full thing here.

5. Yet another reason to love Amazon, the customer service. This exchange is awesome!

6. I'm a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, I know that some people were a little disappointed with the portrayal of Gamora, but in this concept art she's definitely a badass.

7. I have a few PoP! characters already, but I haven't been this excited since the Game of Thrones ones. Groot! AND he dances! I'm so stoked. Check it out here

8. I frequently check Abduzeeo for inspiration. It's an awesome graphic design site. This daily inspiration caught my eye because of the above photo. So beautiful!

9. Also on Abduzeedo, they do a series called the perfect office. This one caught my eye. They usually have cool and useful gadgets. Check it out here.

Hope you all enjoyed my finds of the week! Let me know if you have found anything cool this week, I'd love to hear about it! 

<3 Lindsay

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