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My Top 9 Fall Nail Polish Picks

My Top 9 Fall Nail Polish Picks

Fall Nail time!

OK everyone, I've decided to break out the fall nail polishes! If you've seen my recent nails posts (here and here) you'll know I've been all about the fall nails, even though it's still frickin summer in LA. When does it end?

Butter London is the king (queen?) of fall polishes. I've been beefing up my fall nail color selection lately with all the sales that have been going on. To me, Butter London polishes are like Pokemon- you gotta catch 'em all!

Left to Right: Butter London Wallis, Shag and The Old Bill

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

  • First up is Wallis, which I posted about here. I won't spend much time on this, but this nail polish has been on my nails for 2 straight weeks already.
  • Next is Shag and oh my, where do I start? This is the epitome of fall colors. It's a deep rust color with a metallic finish. I love this one because this color represents autumn to me, it reminds me of leaves turning colors.
  • I posted about The Old Bill over here. This is a really easy to wear/apply bronze color. I go back to this color often because it's so simple to apply and it's quite neutral. 

Left to Right: Butter London Chancer, Queen Vic and HRH

Next, on to the reds/purples 

  • Chancer is a deep true red with red glitter in it. This color easily fits into a fall palette, but also goes well into winter. I'm already excited at the idea of wearing it for Christmas.
  • Queen Vic is a really pretty fuchsia cranberry color with a creme finish. 
  • HRH is a deep royal purple with a silver shimmer to it and a metallic finish

Left to Right: Julep Kendra, Glam Roc and Diamond Theory

Hardcore Fall colors- Late fall

  • Kendra- This is a really dark olive green. It has a slight gold shimmer to it. I love this dark of a color as the fall turns to winter. 
  • Glam Roc- Another color that is really dark. It's a deep plum with gold glitter. The "stardust finish" means that it dries matte and has a sandpapery feel to it. If you don't like that you can just put a glossy topcoat on. The swatch below has a topcoat.
  • Diamond Theory- Did someone say they need gold & copper glitter in their lives? This is the one for you. This is a chunky gold glitter top coat. You could add this on almost any of the other colors in this post and it would look gorgeous.

All the Swatches (these all have a top coat)

What are you going to wearing on your nails this fall?

Also, If you are interested in subscribing to Julep, they are currently offering a free limited edition fall box-- my referral link if you are interested.

<3 Lindsay

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