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Products that did not live up to the hype (for me)

Products that did not live up to the hype (for me)

It's not that I'm mad... I'm just... disappointed.

Most of these products are ones that I've seen other beauty channels/blogs claim to be their "holy grail" products. I always get really excited when I hear such things and of course I want to try the products out for myself. I usually swatch everything in store and ooo and ahh and hem and haw over it before I decide, but in the back of my mind I feel some security that it's going to be a good product based on other people raving about it. I've since learned I obviously need to be a lot more skeptical of other people's opinions (#sponsored?) and also, things that work really well for other people might be really wrong for me. 

I don't hate or even dislike all of these products. I will probably continue to use most of these, just because 1. they were pricey or 2. because they aren't completely unworkable. 

First up, primers. Both of these products I've heard people RAVING about and both of them I feel really "meh" about. Maybelline's Baby Skin isn't terrible, but what I don't like about it is that it's so slippery. It does an okay job filling pores and overall smoothing, but this is a primer that actually makes my foundation last for less amount of time than if I didn't use it. This might just be how my skin reacts, but it's really disappointing. I probably will end up tossing this, or giving it away.

Next, Stila One Step Corrector. Ok so the whole point of this product is to be a color correcting primer, however it does not do that. On my skin, I can't distinguish any difference color-wise before and after I apply this. The good thing about this is that it is actually a decent, moisturizing primer that does help my makeup last longer. I will keep using this, but not rely on its color corrector capabilities. 

Left: Dior Shimmer Powder 001 Rose Diamond   Right: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow

Next up, are these two stupidly pricey blushes. Now, part of the problem with these two is that I did not understand my own face enough to not buy these. Both of these are extremely light colors and they just do not show up on my face unless I put on a ton.

The Dior Shimmer powder is such a pretty highlighty/blush. It looks beautiful in the pan and swatches so nicely. When I got this on my face though, it doesn't look like anything. I think it's a combination of my skin tone and the fact that I have freckles, I'm not sure, but it doesn't really do anything for me. 

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush is very similar to the Dior Shimmer powder. This is supposed to be a blush, but again, it doesn't do anything for me. I can't imagine that this actually works on anyone's skin tone because it's the lightest pink ever. Maybe I just chose the completely wrong shade from the ambient lighting blush range. I know a lot of people LOVE this blush, but for me it was rather disappointing. 

Nars NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette

I thought for sure I was going to absolutely LOVE this Nars palette. I swatched it in store so many times. My husband was with me on one such occasion where I was ogling this palette and he ended up buying it for me for my birthday back in January. This is when I learned that there was a difference between wrist swatches and how it looks on your eyelids. For some reason, everything from this palette looks muddy and gray on my eyelids. Also, some of the shades are just plain bad, as in chalky or too hard to pick up on a brush. I'm going to keep trying with this palette, but it's so difficult for me to use that I ended up storing this away instead of keeping it where I get ready. I'm also going to keep experimenting with different eye primers to see if that helps the situation.

Ok, last thing to complain about (I realize these are all totally #firstworldproblems).  Maybelline the Rocket is one of those products that I constantly hear about from bloggers as their HG mascara. When I tried it out, I was like umm seriously? this? I hate the wand on this mascara. First of all, it's GIANT, but the bristles are short. It's a weird combination, I have a hard time even opening my eyes wide enough to get the wand to the base of my lashes. Second, it took so many swipes to get enough product on my lashes for it to qualify as a whole coat. This is definitely not a product I would reach for if I was in a hurry, which usually I am. There are so many better drugstore options, that I'm shocked that this has come up so often in the blogger world. 

So as I said, these products just didn't work perfectly for me. I'd love the hear if any of you have tried any of these and had them work out well, or if you have any suggestions to make them work better for me. Also, let me know what your disappointing products are! I'd love to know.


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