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Mega Book Haul Part 1: Standalone Novels

Mega Book Haul Part 1: Standalone Novels

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My love for reading has been rekindled, and with that comes lots and lots of book purchases apparently. Many of these books were bought because I took advantage of sales at Barnes and Noble and Book Outlet. When you can buy 4 hard cover books for $22 (including shipping), you kind of have to take advantage. January also was my birthday month, so that contributed to the massive intake of books. I'm totally ok with this! But, I think I'm set on books for quite awhile. 

First, two classics that are on my Popsugar challenge, Brave New World and The Importance of Being Earnest. Both made it to my bookshelf this month because I was able to snatch them up on sale. 

Next, I had the chance to pick up two of memoirs on my TBR, The Glass Castle and ShantaramAll That is Solid Melts Into Air was a complete impulse buy after my friend Marianna skyped me just to show me how pretty it is. This one is historical fiction following the events after Cherobyl. I'm very excited to read all three, but given the heavy content of each, I'll need to space them out throughout the year. 

Warm Bodies I picked up because I loved the movie and thought it would be fun to read. I may try to read this around Valentine's day.

I will definitely be putting off Horrorstor until later in the year, around Halloween. This book is structured like an Ikea catalog and is creepy in content. 

The Girl With All the Gifts, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, and The Enchanted all sound really interesting and fall into the genre of magical realism. I've only read one book of this type before (Landline), but I'm excited to dive into more.

A few adult contemporary novels also made it to my bookshelf. The Martian has absolutely rave reviews, and is supposed to be similar to the movie Gravity, but instead with a guy trapped on Mars. I also picked up (and finished reading) The Rosie Project, which is a much lighter and fun read. 

Of course a book haul wouldn't be complete without a few young adult coming of age stories. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and Golden Boy fulfill this category for me. The latter's main character is a hermaphrodite who identifies as male, but experiences a very traumatic sexual assault and has to figure out how to move on. It sounds heartbreaking but I think this type of literature is extremely important. 

I think I've touched on almost all of the books in part 1 of this haul. These are all of the standalone novels I picked up in January. Later in the month, I will be sharing part 2, which will be all series and comic books. 

Let me know if you have read any of these and what you thought. Also, if you would like to see any particular reviews on any of them, let me know and I will do my best. 


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