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Internet Finds #14

Internet Finds #14

Hi everyone! Welcome to Internet Finds #14. I found some really great stuff this time around. I hope you enjoy!

1.  The number one most exciting thing this week is the fact that Steven Fricken Spielberg is going to be directing Ready Player One, my favorite book of 2014. I was really nervous about the idea of one of my favorite books being made into a movie, but now I feel a bit more at ease knowing it's in good hands. Article from The Verge.

2.  Apparently, nobody wants to host the 2022 Olympics. Of the 6 bids, only 2 are legitimately in the running. According to this article, many locations have left it up to the citizens and they say no thanks. 

3.  How about some eye candy? Check out these completely satisfying to watch gifs that are perfectly looped. 

4.  Marvel has revealed its new Avengers team and it looks AWESOME. Hello Ms. Marvel! Check out the full lineup here

5.  Wicky what! There's going to be a Game of Thrones themed Risk! Sign me up!

6.  Welcome to my life! I laughed for a good 2 minutes straight when I saw this little ribbon. I want to buy a ton of these and distribute them after all the pointless meetings I go to. 

7. Check out the amazing work of Ellen Jewett. She creates these amazingly intricate sculptures that look like plants merged with animals. So cool!

8.  The title of the article where I found this says "You Won't Want to Miss a Second of This Beautiful Doctor Who Tribute" and I promise, you won't. :'(

9.  Last, but not least, I wanted to share a shop that has been in my Etsy Favorites for literally years now. They make amazing geometric glass art pieces. I have been wanting one for years! Check it out here.

Let me know if you have found anything cool this week!

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