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Game of Thrones Lore I Would Like to See More Of

Game of Thrones Lore I Would Like to See More Of

TODAY is the day! Season 5 is beginning tonight and so I wanted to do a Game of Thrones related post. As you all know, it's my favorite show and after watching Movie Fights on youtube today I decided to do a post inspired by one of their questions. These are the top 5 pieces of the lore that I would love to see explored further. Whether this be in the form of flashbacks in the show, spinoff series, or even a movie, I think any of these events would make for amazing plotlines. 

The Children of the Forest ~12,000 BAL

Children of the Corn? No, fuck that. Children of the Forest!

I'm so excited that in season 4 we got to see a Child of the Forest. It was so cool! The Children of the Forest are one of the oldest magical creatures in the lore of A Song of Ice and Fire. They were around in the very beginning and even helped the First Men push the White Walkers back into the North (after having an epic war with the First Men and signing a treaty). I find the prehistory timeframe so interesting. As it's described in Game of Thrones wiki, the Children of the Forest roamed free with the giants and other magical beings of that time. I would absolutely love to see that portrayed on screen. 

The Creation of the Wall ~8,000 BAL

Dang, we'd be screwed without that huge wall there.

After the Children of the Forest unite with the First Men to push the White Walkers back into the North, Brandon Stark decides to build The Wall. Thanks, Brandon! That thing is USEFUL. He then founds Winterfell and House Stark, thus making their house the oldest in all of Westeros. How did this dude do all of that?! I really hope that they show more about Brandon Stark and his role in protecting all of Westeros from the White Walkers. And, doing it SO well that they become a myth. 

The Rise and Fall of Valyria ~6,000-100 BAL

The Doom is depicted here in the opening credits of the show, give me more!

In the eastern part of Essos there is a peninsula called Valyria. Apparently, the people there (Valyrians) were a group of peaceful sheep herders, until one day they found dragons in a string of volcanos called the Fourteen Fires. They used magic (what?) to tame the dragons and began to conquer the lands. After 5,000 years of conquering and taking over Dragonstone, they were nearly all destroyed in an event called "The Doom". All dragons and Valyrians were wiped out during a massive volcanic eruption from the Fourteen Fires, EXCEPT House Targaryen, and the last 3 dragons in existence.  These events are only briefly mentioned in the show as part of Daenerys's backstory, but I would love to see more of this in the show. 

The Targaryen Conquest ~2-0 BAL

Such hotties. I mean, literally, that looks way too hot.

As I just mentioned, House Targaryen survived The Doom with the last 3 dragons in the world. This obviously catapulted them up in the ranks of powerful houses. Using their dragons, they set forth to take over Westeros. King Aegon establishes King's Landing and the reign of weird incestuous heirs continues on from here. They reign over Westeros until the time of the Mad King. Since I love Daenerys, I really wish they would show more of this history, especially the burning of Harrenhal castle (depicted to the right) and the establishment of King's Landing. It should also be noted that all time of this Lore has been denoted by BAL and AL, for Before Aegon's Landing and After Landing.

The Taking of the Throne from the Mad King ~280-281 AL

This event takes place just previous to current time in the Game of Thrones show. After the Mad King (King Aerys) takes the throne, he starts to lose it. He becomes increasingly paranoid of Tywin Lannister after he was successful in protecting Casterly Rock and replenished his house's wealth and power. Years later King Aerys holds a tournament where Prince Raegar wins and names Lyanna Stark as the Queen of Love and Beauty rather than his own wife Elia (scandalous). Shortly thereafter, Raegar kidnaps Lyanna and her brother Brandon Stark and father Rickard Stark demand justice. Instead of helping, the Mad King orders their death. Thus begins Robert Baratheon's (he was betrothed to Lyanna) and Eddard Stark's rebellion. Eventually the Mad King is murdered by Jamie Lannister and Robert takes over as King because of his bloodties to the Targaryens. Almost all of these events have been mentioned in the show, but have not been shown. I think the camaraderie of Ned and Robert would be amazing to watch, as well as the reveal of Jon Snow's real parents.

PHEW! Now, who's freaking excited for the premiere tonight?? What part of the Lore of A Song of Ice and Fire do you want more of?


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