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Comic Book Parade Vol. 2: 5 Series I Want to Get Into

Comic Book Parade Vol. 2: 5 Series I Want to Get Into

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Welcome to another installment of Comic Book Parade (check out the first volume here, if you missed it). I had planned on doing these monthly, but my April post kept getting pushed back and well, here we are in May. For this volume, I wanted to discuss 5 series that I have not read, but have had my eye on for a long time. Let's get into it.

The Sandman

Written by: Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by: Sam Keith & many others
Publisher: Vertigo

First up is a completed series written by the master of fairy tales and fantasy, Neil Gaiman. I have been interested in reading this series for quite awhile, but now that I've read Stardust, I am really motivated to start it. The Sandman is a very dark fantasy series (centered around Dream aka The Sandman) and I'm mostly excited to just see the imagination of Neil Gaiman run wild. The thing holding me back is the fact that there are 10 volumes to buy and so this is an expensive endeavor to embark on. I've only heard amazing things about this series and since it is complete, I don't have to worry about any major cliffhangers or subscribing to future issues. 

The Walking Dead

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Illustrated by: Tony Moore & Charlie Adlard
Publisher: Image Comics

I'm sure you have all heard of The Walking Dead and most of you probably know that the TV show is based on this comic book series. It has been running since 2003 and has over 140 issues. There is plenty to catch up on, and I even have the first 48 in a bind up (Compendium 1). This is definitely high on my comic To-Read list. I've been missing my favorite zombie TV show lately, so I think I will pick this up soon to hold me over until the show starts back up. 

New Suicide Squad

Written by: Sean Ryan 
Illustrated by: Jeremy Roberts
Publisher: DC Comics

I've been reading The New 52 Batman series for quite a while now, and really, that's about it from DC. For some reason, none of the other major DC superheroes have interested me, so how about we try some villains? The Suicide Squad is a gang of supervillain badasses that come together to form a task force. In particular, I'm really excited to read about Harley Quinn and Joker's Daughter in this series. 


Written and Illustrated by: MANY
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I know, this is a classic for comic readers out there. I have never been that into superhero comics in general, which I talked about in my last Comic Book Parade post, but lately with all of the X-Men movies coming out, I have become really interested in this franchise. I really enjoy the characters and I want to know all about them. My friend Marianna and I have done a lot of research and come up with a reading order for X-Men (let's be honest, she did most of the work...). I can't wait to get started and finally (hopefully) understand how this universe works!

Five Ghosts

Written by: Frank J. Barbiere 
Illustrated by: Chris Mooneyham
Publisher: Image Comics

I had to include another Image title, as this one has just been on my wish list for so long. The series revolves around Fabian Gray, who stumbles upon some unusual powers after encountering a magical stone. After this, he learns he is able to harness the powers of 5 "ghosts": The Wizard, The Archer, The Detective, The Samurai and The Vampire. These are modeled after famous literary characters:  Merlin, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Miyamoto Musashi, and Count Dracula. The premise sounds really interesting and the art looks amazing, so I will definitely be getting to this one soon.

That's it for this volume of Comic Book Parade. Let me know what series you have been wanting to read. Are any of these on your list?

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